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New Perspectives

P.O. Box 172

Carlsbad, CA 92018

858.271-9000; Fax: 888.859.5079

Contact Us

PH: 858.255.7877

Fax: 888.859.5079

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About Us

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New Perspectives’ Vision

New Perspectives is a creative, innovative yet results-oriented training, mediation, facilitation, coaching and consulting company dedicated to  “revealing the leader” in its customers, whether they be individuals or organizations.  “Revealing the leader” isn’t about management or supervision, but rather about giving  our customers the skills and outlook to create a true and new perspective on who they are and how they move themselves, the world and those they touch to exceptional success in achieving their purpose and goals. We believe that all life is learning and learning is enhanced when there is a rich atmosphere of assessment, introspection, engaged interaction with the content, and a dose of joy thrown in for balanced measure. We are committed to growing our business through service to you.

David Fares, President, Senior Consultant

With a Bachelor’s in Speech Communications, a Masters in Educational Leadership, a Juris Doctorate Degree (Law) and work experiences as a consultant, an attorney, a mediator, a facilitator, a trainer, a college professor and a Learning, Performance and Quality business executive, David is well-skilled and highly acclaimed in his capability to balance logic, intelligence, learning-accountability, creativity and passion in the mediations, workshops and training that he facilitates as well as the projects and business initiatives he leads and collaborates on..

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Collaboration and Strategic Partnership

As a small company, New Perspectives, LLC works with other trusted consultants to ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs in a timely, qualitative and excellent fashion.  Here is a little bit about each of them.

Bob Novelli: Bob has held senior executive operating roles in numerous Healthcare Organizations.  As the owner of Flatworld Solutions, LLC, he is available to consult in healthcare, operations, marketing, IT and leadership.

Learn More About Bob…

Patricia Fares-O’Malley, Ph.D: Pat has a Masters in Development and Counseling and a Doctorate in health Psychology.  She is a prominent keynote speaker, trainer and author in stress management, mindfulness, wellness, emotional intelligence and self-empowerment.

Learn More About Pat…

Paula Lanigan: Paula brings 20+ years or health industry competencies in the public and  government sectors, national and regional health plans and IPA organizations focused in competitive intelligence, product marketing, communications development and learning & performance.

Learn More About Paula…

Kathleen Fares, RN: Kathy has over 30 year’s experience as an RN working with adults, critically ill patients, children and medically fragile children in clinical and hospital settings.  She is a natural teacher with a rooted understanding of holistic healing arts.  

Learn More About Kathy…

Maureen Orey:  Maureen is President of the Workplace Learning and Performance Group.  She has over twenty five years of experience in the fields of management training, human resources, diversity and leadership development.  Maureen is a published author.

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At New Perspectives we realize there are circumstances in every need and situation.  Based on the need, the requested service, the person/organizational situation, our capability and other circumstances we will work with you to define a fee structure that is appropriate under all the circumstances.

Typically, group workshops are priced out at a group rate for up to 20 people.  Individual pay workshops have a set price found on the “upcoming classes” page. Instructional Design and Development, Facilitation, Training Delivery, Mediation, Coaching and Consulting have varying hourly rates depending on the service requested and the skill level required. Also check out our Small Business Package.  Not for profit organizations may be offered a 33% discount on all services.

As you entertain the need for our services, we will be happy to have a fair discussion with you surrounding the pricing of services for your needs.


Privacy and Security

At New Perspectives we want to grow our business by creating trusted and long lasting customer relationships. We understand that to build trust with you it is important that your privacy is protected and we provide you with a secure site.  When you sign up for our e-mail lists we will never share you information with another person or entity unless we are directly working with them on a project, the provision of your e-mail is in the spirit of your original sign-up and it is critical to the project’s success. All of our sign up features as well as our pay methods utilize security to protect your information from theft.  In a trusted relationship, you should expect nothing less.



Linked-In Page
  • “David is a great facilitator! He is easy to follow, creates an environment where you want to participate, and his humor is refreshing. He also had a never ending supply of patience.”

  •  “I have never had the privilege of attending one of David’s classes before. I LOVED IT! He is engaging, extremely knowledgeable and just a joy to watch and learn from!!”

  •  “Dr. Fares was impressively interactive and engaging with the class. I applaud his honest critiques and assistance for areas of improvement.”

  • “David is not only one of the most dedicated and loyal people I know, he is also someone who gets results no matter where he goes or what he does…On a personal note he is also very likeable. People are endeared to David when they meet him. He has a sincere and genuine way about him.”

  • Dave is creative, enthusiastic and has the know how to design, create, and deliver a highly effective training to adults. His methods are sound, his programs are effective and the results are excellent

  • “I witnessed David's senior leadership skills in situations that spanned several areas…The areas  where I witnessed these effective leadership traits were in his ability to lead large, complicated projects and business plans. He has professionally trained others in facilitation and mediations skills, and on several occasions was called upon to mediate issues across departmental boundaries, with successful results for the company.”

  • “David stands out as someone who always brings a smile, positive attitude and a high energy level, setting the tone for even the most challenging situations. And, from overseeing the design and delivery of new hire training, to leading executive teams through complex organization redesign or skill building initiatives, David has been effective at driving operational efficiency.”

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