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Root Cause Outcome Focused Consulting

David Fares is the Senior Consultant for New Perspectives, LLC.  With life and background experiences in the practice of law, education, mediation, conflict resolution, healthcare insurance, not-for-profit organizations and learning, performance and quality, his consulting skills and his breadth of knowledge in the areas cited are exceptional. New Perspectives follows a root cause, outcome focused process to dig deep into the depths of a problem or opportunity and then fosters practical discussion surrounding approaches and outcomes that are reasonable under all the circumstances.  Whether you need someone to assist in pulling out the right direction for your organization or you need someone with the hands-on knowledge to actually lead the charge, we can provide your springboard to success.

Performance Consulting

Performance consulting reaches across many different types of organizations from not-for-profits to social clubs to commercial business, education and any group that wants to look at how to perform individual tasks or roles better.  Not all, in fact, not most performance issues are solvable with training. Performance consulting looks to the reason for performance issues and then implements appropriate solutions.  Is it poor process; poor management; poor incentives; poor environment, etc that are at the root of the issue.  Whatever the cause, our performance consulting approach allows us to work with you to put in place the right fix to solve the problem.  

Learning, Performance and Quality

Strategic approaches to learning and quality are critical to all organizations: For profit, not-for-profit, community-based, schools and school districts, etc.  Whether you are integrating one business into another, you are setting up a new learning area/team, you have quality process improvement concerns or you just need to integrate or restructure your learning or quality approach or areas, we have the expertise to provide you with services ranging from simple brainstorming to input and advice to project leadership.

Process Improvement

For process improvement the “devil is in the details” but also taking a customer-in approach. What is the area, group, team, organization or process you want to improve?  Why do you want to improve it?  Who are the “customers” at all levels to the process?  What is their express need and input?  How do you create process that addresses those needs most expediently and most efficiently?  These are just some of the questions we walk your group through in any process improvement initiative.

Organizational and Project Design

Both organizational and project design involve having the capability to take a bird’s eye view while understanding and providing for the details.  With David’s experience in Learning, Performance and Quality, he has had the benefit of “viewing” all areas of a company and departments from the outside, while having to effect the outcomes on the inside.  This unique perspective has lent to critical input for the design of both projects and organizations or departments.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic planning is a process that looks back at values, vision and mission and looks forward to trends, challenges and opportunities. Tying all of these together is both an art and a science that requires a keen facilitation skills set melded with a critical thinking mindset.  We can assist you in identifying a process, planning a process and implementing a process that will bring your group, team or organization to success.  

Learning, Performance & Quality

Process Improvement

Organizational & Project Design

Strategic Planning & Implementation

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