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We facilitate and plan meetings, large and small, providing structure, full participation and complete documentation.  Regardless of size, your meeting or event can be coordinated and facilitated.  With experience in events from golf outings to executive level business meetings, our core focus – using perspective, engagement and interaction – will yield your desired outcomes. .You work with us on defining the objectives for your events and we’ll work with you on ensuring those objectives are met.  The participants will leave with a smile on their face as an extra bonus.

Outcome-Focused Meetings

Strategic Planning; Project Kick-Offs; Team Interactions; Community Pow-Wows; School or Church Retreats; We are available to facilitate any meeting that you want to ensure fair and equal participation and flawless process while taking the participants of your group out of the facilitator’s role so they can focus on the outcomes.  Our service includes full documentation of meeting outcomes and next steps.

Conferences and Workshops

Conferences are events generally planned to inform, educate, motivate and fraternize.  They range from sales meetings to special interest groups.  Regardless of size, New Perspectives can plan, coordinate and facilitate your conferences.  We keep a focus not only on the objectives of the workshop, but also the creative interaction that will continually engage people.  When you sponsor a conference, you want people to walk away excited and ready to spread that excitement to their team, community, classroom or constituency.  We work with you to ensure that end.

Weekend Retreats

When your team or group needs to get “away from it all” to focus on creating a plan, introspecting on an issue, getting to know each other better or solve a problem, a weekend retreat can add a certain depth and sensitivity to the discussion.  Based on your objectives, we will plan and facilitate the retreat creating the perfect balance of engaged “in meeting” interaction with deep “outside of the meeting” time to re-energize.  

Golf Outings and Other Special Events

When you just want to have some good old fashioned fun with your group, we will be there to assist you in the planning and execution. Surely a golf outing is more than just the golf.  It is the games created, the different interactions that help to get people to know each other better, the banquet format, the prizes and all that fun.  Having planned golf weekends and other events for over 30 years, we have an idea what will work for your group.  




Facilitation, Event and Meeting Services