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Mentoring Performance

Every once in a while you just need a sounding board to assist in walking yourself through leadership or work related issues.  As a skilled mediator, mentor and coach, David Fares, President of New Perspectives, has been sought out as a mentor and coach by colleagues, co-workers, direct reports, bosses and others. Sessions can be in person or via phone or web-cam.  You may need just a one time session to create clarity on a specific issue or a regular schedule to adjust to new circumstances or to crystallize your goals and direction.  

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a generic term that includes different types of specifically focused coaching such as Career, Relationship, Life Transitions and Life purpose.   The coach supports, empowers and challenges individuals to help them realize their personal and professional goals. The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between the coach and the client. This is not psychotherapy.  This is an experienced coach reflecting your thoughts back to you in a way that assists you in looking at them from a wider perspective and making conscious choices of the direction you want to go or the goals you want to set.  

Career Coaching

Each of us is a unique individual with varied interests and special skills that fulfill us.  Career coaching delves into those skills and interests, creating a dialogue surrounding them and ultimately identifying and setting goals for that next big step in your professional life.  

Relationship Coaching

There are times in life when our relationships get out of balance.  It may be a simple friendship, a marital relationship or a work relationship that is strained and not feeling right.  Or, it may be that you are looking for that “special someone” and just don’t know how to find them.  Relationship coaching assists you in identifying your blocks to significant relationships, your wishes for those relationships and in setting goals to improve them or step away from them.  

Life Purpose Coaching

Life purpose focuses on your unique gifts and talents and how you can share them in a way that will benefit you and others. As you get clear about your Life Purpose, all other areas of your life including career, relationships, work, etc. all come into balance.  We use specific tools to help you identify not only your strengths but also  how to better apply them in your own life strategy.



Mentoring and Coaching


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