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Monday Morning Leadership Two Day Workshop

Thursday-Friday, July 25 & 26, 9:30 to 4:30  Pacific Time

Delivered Live in San Diego, CA – Location to be Announced

Monday Morning Leadership is based on the book of the same name by David Cottrell.  While the book forms the basis of the content for the workshop, it is the conceptual, interactive and introspective nature of the workshop that creates a unique and effective learning experience.

Whether your role is as a project manager, a brand new supervisor or an experienced director, Monday Morning Leadership will provide both “Aha!  Look what I’ve learned,” and “Oh, oh! Look what I’ve forgotten,” moments for all levels of leaders.

What You Will Learn or Gain a New Perspective On:


 8 simple lessons in less than 100 pages

    Core leadership concepts and behaviors that get to the     essence of success

    Provides “Aha!” moments for inexperienced managers and     “Oh-Oh!” moments for experienced managers

    Creates a common language and common concepts for     ease of manager to manager communications and     expectations

    Workshop reinforces concepts in the book and encourages     managers to apply them

    Workshop built to ensure introspection, interaction and     engagement

 “Monday Morning Leadership was a very practical and easily understandable way to take a reflective look at how I can be more effective as a leader. The interactive component of the session really enhanced the content and made for a more engaging experience!””

“I loved this program! I feel that it has re-grounded me in what I know are leadership tenets.  It has inspired me to work toward better role modeling of values and more effective management. Thank You!

Monday Morning Leadership




David Fares of New Perspectives Leadership will facilitate this two day workshop. Count on interactive learning and an accountability approach to hold you true to  your learning. Sign up before June 19 for an early registration discount of $499.  Thereafter the price of the workshop will increase to $699. Consider bringing your whole team as we can arrange the interactions to work both as a training and team-building session.   The workshop is held on a Thursday and Friday.  Why not increase your capability as a leader and make it a long weekend in beautiful San Diego? If you have any questions, contact .