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Mediation and  Conflict Resolution

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

About Mediation

Mediation and Conflict Resolution:  Mediation is the process of two or more people or groups sharing facts, understanding perspectives and reaching common ground for the mutual benefits of everyone involved.  In a mediation process the parties are called upon to resolve the dispute but also learn about conflict resolution skills to carry forward. In most cases, mediation requires the agreement of both parties to submit the issue(s) to a mediator for resolution assistance.

 About the Mediator

Success in mediation requires both committed parties and skilled mediators.  David Fares, President of New Perspectives, has been a mediator since 1994.  He has mediated all types of disputes.  Even in his corporate roles, he was known for bringing factions together in order to create consensus and move issues forward.  David is available for individual mediated sessions to resolve all types of disputes. These sessions can be face to face, via phone or via web camera and are charged on an hourly or case-by-case fee basis.  

Types of Mediations

Business Disputes or Consensus Seeking Sessions:  In business, issues arise amongst team members, between different teams, between different units and between different businesses that require a neutral person to bring the parties to consensus. Also, there are times when a focused and experienced mediator/facilitator can drive a team’s creativity, strategic thinking or decision making, regardless of whether there are issues or conflict involved.  

Community Based Disputes:  From neighbors quarreling to community groups needing guided facilitation and consensus setting services, we can be there to help.

School Based Mediations:  School boards at odds with each other or with parents/community; Teachers who have difficulty working with a particular set of parents; students vs. students that can’t see eye to eye; Students being bullied; These and more are situations that require the skill set of an experienced mediator.  

Legal Based Disputes: Many court systems have mediation services. However, these services do not cover all types of cases and issues.  Also, court mediation services only handle cases on which a court case has been filed.  There are many instances where parties who have legal rights to assert would prefer an alternative dispute resolution process. With the agreement of all parties to a legal dispute, New Perspectives can assist the parties in resolving their concerns, claims and issues in a less litigious and far less expensive process.


Family Property Disputes:  Mediation works well when there are emotional ties to property as well as financial ties.  Often times in families, there are disputes over estates, personal property, ownership of real estate, equitable division of real estate and others.  In the mediation process the parties are encouraged to look at their underlying needs and wants versus the position they have chosen to take.  When people align with the mutual goal of resolving the dispute, a clear direction is set and options for mutual gain are explored.  If you want to resolve the issue while creating a better family relationship, mediation is a viable tool to use.

Individual to Individual Differences: Relationships of any type have a tendency to walk us through differences.  When relationships “get stuck” having a neutral third party to walk us through differences “makes all the difference.” In individual to individual differences mediations, it doesn’t matter what the relationship is.  The question is whether the parties want to walk the issues through a clarifying discussion pointed to agreement or at the very least, consensus.  

All conflicts are truly inner conflicts that manifest themselves outwardly in our daily interactions. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – is a simple, rapid and remarkably effective approach to change and relieve emotional issues.  Based on the same premise as acupuncture and acupressure therapies, it uses the body’s own energy system to restore emotional and physical health, calming the inner self and therefore easing external conflicts.  It is simple, easy and can be used by anyone, anytime anywhere.  Its success rate has been estimated to be approximately 95% with practiced users.

Workplace conflicts, personality differences, trouble with co workers can be stressful and reduce effective time management and work performance.  Using the EFT techniques can help diffuse these types of issues and create a better work flow and conflict free environment.  Invite all employees and management to learn this powerful, fun  and easy way to diffuse negativity and replenish a meaningful work day.

This course uses an interactive practical approach to work from an individual or a team perspective.  It is taught by Patricia Fares O’Malley, PH.D and can be offered to a group or as a stand alone course throughout the year.

Development of Mediation Programs

We are skilled at developing and implementing mediation programs of any type. Whether it be a school, a community or an organization, we can lend our expertise to develop, train and implement an approach and program that is geared to the values and needs of the group.

Weekend Mediation Retreats

Sometimes, “getting away from it all” lends a different energy and perspective to a mediation or a consensus-seeking discussion.  We are available to plan, organize and facilitate a weekend retreat to give additional perspective to a problem, conflict or discussion.  We can also incorporate conflict skill-building into the design of the weekend.  Contact

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