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Kathleen Fares, RN

(858) 255-7877

Kathy has over 30 years’ experience as an RN working with adults, critically ill patients, children, medically fragile children and hospice patients.   Her nursing expertise spans the areas of management, instruction, leadership, clinical triage, end of life care, school and community nursing.      

Kathy is a natural teacher. She has developed curriculum and given nursing instruction teaching LVN students.  She has designed and delivered numerous courses in stress management, patient care and mediation for business groups, clinics and educational institutions.

She utilizes her extensive training in Feng Shui, homeopathy, yoga , integrative nutrition and herbal remedies in assisting others in reaching physical and mental balance.   She utilizes numerous Integrative Arts in coaching others to assess and help discover behaviors which block self-care.

As an RN consultant she collaborates with physicians and other health care professionals to teach and empower clients in the self-care management of health and wellness.   

Kathy has certificates in Feng Shui, and Yoga.  She is currently a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Lewis University, Illinois.

Kathy will work with New Perspectives in consulting, training and delivery, particularly in regards to holistic self-care.  By extending and exploring the use of inherent and learned tools necessary to survive in business and social environments, to tools that empower as one becomes more physically aware of one’s unique body, you holistically get the best and the most out of your body for not only health but wellness.   A strong WELL body and mind is a necessary component to revealing the leader inside.