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Custom Designs

Team-Building, as any endeavor, is founded on specific objectives. This process starts with a consultation based on the objectives to be achieved, the amount of time allotted to their achievement, the make-up and nature of the team, the support rendered by the overall organization, the stresses being put on the team, the successes the team has had, the years the team has been together, the challenges facing the team and a number of other factors.  Once the landscape and objectives are clear, a custom team-build is designed to create those outcomes.  The team-build is then facilitated by New Perspectives to ensure success.  Contact  

Whole Brain Team Thinking

Whole Brain Thinking dissects the usual “two sides” of the brain and examines the brain as four different quadrants.   Teams are made up of individuals who have preferences to use any one of these four quadrants more than the other three.  This  four to eight hour team-building workshop occurs over two sessions.  The workshop moves from an individual evaluation of a team member’s brain preferences to evaluation of the preferences of the other members of the team. Each team member makes a presentation utilizing techniques that address all four brain quadrants.  An additional follow on session can be added that will facilitate a discussion of how, by understanding each team member’s preferences, the team can work together more effectively utilizing the team’s “whole brain.”  

Creating Organizational Direction

Values, Behaviors, Vision, Mission: All told this is a two day workshop that can be segmented into two different sessions.  Team members reflect on their own personal values, their work values, what bearing those have on the team as a whole and ultimately, what are the shared values of the team. From that strong foundation, the team interactively works to develop their Vision and Mission, tying them into the organization overall.  From this base, the team can launch into strategic planning, or business planning with a strong sense of purpose.  


This interactive team-building session conceptually broaches the topic of the importance of candor in the organizational environment.  It digs deep into the comfort level of the members of the team to be honest and candid with each other.  Over a day or two, teams develop a “contract” on how they will interact and communicate more effectively and more honestly.  This contract may require refinement or revisiting in future sessions.  

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Based on the “story” by Leonard Lencioni, the Five Dysfunctions Workshop takes a team deep into looking at their individual and team behaviors and how those behaviors affect the effectiveness and the success of the team.  Offered either for a core team or for supervisors/managers,  this workshop requires participation from all levels of the team to make the workshop successful.   The team ultimately gets not only to recognition of those behaviors but commitment to improve them.   Follow on and follow up sessions may be necessary to ensure consistency and adherence.

Team Building Programs

Team Building


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